Quick update and sneak peak

2017-09-20 18:40:47 by Blarrgensnorf

As you can tell, I haven't uploaded much music in a while.  I've been working on ways to improve what I make by ditching Garageband (because it's not that great) and using Studio One 3.  Only problem is: it'll be a little while before I can get a pc and studio one.  So, I will be taking a hiatus, but don't worry...I will be back with some great stuff! :D <3

also, I may be making a remake of Night Sky!  ;)


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2017-09-20 20:39:27

Didn't recognize your icon, and couldn't remember the spelling of your name to check for new songs, so I'm glad to have spotted you under the Users featured content. Apparently, doing a search for "musician whose name sounds like 'barf and sniff'" has proven itself to be ineffectual. Also, I thought Studio One was just the whatever program I had to have to work my microphone. Didn't realize I could make actual songs with it. Then again, I'm too lazy to properly set it up for voice work, as well. *shrugs*

Seeing a talented composer with only 29 fans is a crying shame, especially considering how many on this site love to Favorite spam every user they come across.

Do you have a bandcamp or a paypal? If I enjoy a person's music on NG, I do like having the option to pay or, I guess, tip them for their effort. Kinda like saying, "Hey, thanks for this, what you kids call, a 'fresh beat.' Take some of this loose change I stole from a malnourished homeless guy and go buy yourself, what you kids call, a 'pop.'"

In all likelihood, I'll forget how to spell your name again, so it would probably be easier on me to add you to my own list of Favorites.

Thank you for you music, and have a good day... or a bad day. I don't dictate how people should have days. That's their prerogative. Not mine.


Blarrgensnorf responds:

hello yes it is I, Barf And Sniffé! But for real this is like, legitimately one of the nicest comments I've ever seen! Thank you <3
I do have a bandcamp, but it's essentially a barren wasteland. I'm waiting to make a new and solid song or mini album to put up there, and then I can work on a background for it~!
As for paypal, I think I created one last year for commissions or something, but it was never used for anything, so sometime next year (probably) I'll set it up for freelance work (if the option ever arises) and other reasons possibly? I've always wanted to make game music so I'll wait for that glorious opportunity to come so I can use paypal or something :D
And lastly: that's an amazing conclusion to your comment. I've been having a pretty good day, and this comment made it better! I'm very glad you like my music! It makes me happy to hear that I have an audience that likes what I make and it inspires me to get better~!

Good-day (or night), Phronemophobia~ (looks like we both have complicated usernames, lol)