Another quick tune

2017-11-18 01:29:03 by Blarrgensnorf

:D (another short tune in garageband until the studio one 3 situation is over)


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2017-11-18 21:45:52

Sounds like a Stage Completion jingle. All that's missing is the ringing sound as the points are tallied for a final score. Man, I wish arcades were still popular around here. Actual arcades. Not those sorry-ass excuses that are essentially an air hockey table, electronic basketball, and 2 or 3 genuine arcade cabinets. Those were the only places I'd go out to socialize or could socialize. I am not a gregarious individual outside of my element.

(Updated ) Blarrgensnorf responds:

same! When I refer to an arcade, I always picture the good ones with those classic cabinets like mario, sinistar, or gauntlet. There aren’t any where I live I think. I should check.